Miri Chinese New Year Promotion 2021

Miri Life Café Chinese New Year Promotion 2021

Miri Life Cafe Chinese New Year Promotion 2021 is now available from 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021 as follows, and last pick-up day in 10 February 2021:

  • Life’s Herb Chicken (1.5kg+): RM49.00
  • Life’s Lamb Leg Special (2 legs): RM89.00
  • Life’s Curry Lamb Leg (2 legs): RM89.00
  • Life’s Homemade Chicken Meat Roll (3 rolls): RM27.90
  • Chicken Dumpling (18 pieces): RM18.50
  • Chicken & Chives Dumpling (18 pcs): RM18.50
  • Vegetarian Dumpling (18 pcs): RM19.50

Our CNY specialty dishes are simply great choices for you and your family. They are:

  • Delicious and easy to prepare
  • Perfect for reunion dinners
  • Ideal for busy families



Get a FREE Thermo Bag with spending of RM120.00 and above in a single receipt.

You can download the Order Form below or place your orders at Miri Life Café:

Life Café @ Times Square, Tel: 085-326167

Miri CNY Promo 2021 Order Form

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