Our Noodles

Life’s Spicy Noodle

Whenever the word “spicy” or “malak” is mentioned, people will naturally think of Sichuan. Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spiciness, especially its spicy noodles, which is believed to have from the famous Dan Dan noodles. “Dan” means carrying a heavy load on the shoulder; and in the early days, people carry their goods on the shoulder and sell them along the streets. That is how the name, Dan Dan, came about.

Life’s spicy noodles are homemade and prepared with natural ingredients and white flour, mixed and served with an original spicy sauce comprising of a unique blend of fresh vegetables, chili, pepper oil and aromatic spices contributing to the distinctive taste and experience of numbing spiciness on the tongue, hence the name “mala mian”.

Round Noodle

Life’s homemade round noodle is exclusively produced daily from fresh and natural ingredients. The round noodle has a unique springy, chewy texture that can be prepared and cooked with different flavors and seasonings to give a variety of delicious tastes and aromas.

Wide Noodle

Life’s wide noodle is a broad, flat noodle that provides a delightful choice of noodles with its own distinctive texture and taste. It can also be prepared and served with various flavorings and seasonings for an enjoyable food experience.

Spinach Noodle

Life’s spinach noodle is produced from using spinach juice, which gives the leafy green color. A nutritious treat, it has a sweet taste and is suitable for all ages. For children who tend to dislike or avoid eating vegetables, the spinach noodle is a good substitute for a healthier diet.


Life’s vermicelli is made from sweet potato powder, which contains numerous nutrients that are beneficial for the body, and has much lower calories than rice. Sweet potato is one of the foods that is used to help in weight loss and fat reduction.