Win Cash Prizes With Selfie Cooking Video!!



Life Café recently launched our instant Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Noodles to let customers enjoy cooking their own Spicy or Shanghai Noodles at home. It is fast and easy… Just 3 minutes and with all the necessary ingredients prepared and provided for you.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, Life Café is organizing a Selfie Cooking Video contest using our RTC Noodles as the base. All you need to do is take a 1-minute video of the process of cooking our RTC Spicy or Shanghai Noodles in your home kitchen, upload it in your personal Facebook write “#自拍人间美食视频” or “#SelfieCookingVideo” and tag “@Life Cafe Sdn Bhd -881538-P” to participate in the contest.

Before you start cooking and video-taping, please read through the details as well as terms and conditions below:

Contest Details

Contest name: Selfie Cooking Video

Organizer: Life Café Kuching Sdn Bhd

Basic requirement: Purchase Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Noodles from any of our outlets in Kuching. Two flavors available to choose: RTC Spicy Noodles or RTC Shanghai Noodles

Prizes: 14 prizes totaling MYR6,500 in cash and MYR1,600 in cash vouchers

Grand Prize x 1: MYR1,500 cash + RM500 cash vouchers (judging criteria: 70% video content + 15% likes + 15% shares)

Best Video x 3: MYR1,000 cash + MYR200 cash vouchers

Top Likes x 5: MYR200 cash + MYR50 cash vouchers

Top Shares x 5: MYR200 cash + MYR50 cash vouchers

Entry Date and Time

  1. Upload date: 8 May 2020 (Friday, 12:00:00) to 21 June 2020 (Sunday, 23:59:59)
  2. Deadline for accumulating likes and shares: 28 June 2020 (Sunday, 23:59:59)
  3. Winner announcement: 19 July 2020 (Sunday) on Life Cafe Sdn Bhd -881538-P official Facebook fan page
  4. Prize award date and venue: the organizer will contact winners after 19 July 2020 (Sunday) to inform accordingly.

Entry Guide

  1. Use your own method and creativity to shoot a video capturing the process of cooking the RTC Noodles. If necessary, edit the video to ensure the time does not exceed 1 minute.
  2. Upload your 1-minute video to your personal Facebook page, write “#自拍人间美食视频” or “#SelfieCookingVideo” and tag “@Life Cafe Sdn Bhd -881538-P”.
  3. Get people to like and share your video before the deadline of 28 June 2020 (Sunday, 23:59:59) to gain extra points.
  4. All likes and shares data are based on the original post of the contestant.

Video Shooting

(A) The organizer will not accept any videos uploaded by the contestants after the deadline of 21 June 2020 (Sunday, 23:59:59).

(B) Other ingredients can be added to make RTC Noodles more attractive.

(C) There are no restrictions on video-shooting equipment used.

(D) One contestant can participate in multiple categories (Best Video, Top Likes, Top Shares), but only one prize will be awarded per contestant.

(E) The organizer will respond with a message and provide a number in the message section of eligible video submitted. Once numbered, the video uploaded cannot be replaced.

(F) If any entry has not been responded or numbered by the organizer, the participants can enquire with private message to the organizer. The organizer will not provide any official receipt for video submitted or respond to any non-related enquiries.

(G) For all images, logos, brands or works used in the entries; participants must obtain permission and consent from the original or rightful owners to avoid any copyright infringement.

(H) The organizer shall not be responsible for any compensation or loss due to copyright infringement from third-party entries.

(I) The organizer will disqualify or remove any entries deemed to have inappropriate content or if the content does not meet the purpose of the contest.

(J) All expenses incurred to participate and produce the video shall be borne by the participants.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. If the video submitted by participant does not meet the conditions of the “Entry Guide”, the video submitted will be disqualified.
  2. The participant must be a Malaysian citizen who is at least 13 years old and currently residing in Malaysia.
  3. The management and employees of the organizer, their immediate family members, suppliers, agents (including advertising, public relations, marketing and interactive advertising agencies employed by the organizer), and promoters are not eligible to participate in this contest. If they are found to have participated, their entries will be immediately disqualified.

Prize and Award Criteria

  1. After the accumulation of video likes and shares, the organizer will evaluate the content of the entries to judge for the Grand Prize winner. The judging will be based on video content accounting for 70%, number of likes accounting for 15%, and number of shares accounting for 15%. The contestant with the highest score wins the grand prize.
  2. The Best Video awards will be scored according to the video content. The organizer has the final decision. The three highest-scoring contestants will be awarded, in no particular order. Only one prize will be awarded per contestant regardless of number of entries or categories submitted.
  3. The Top Likes awards are won by the five entries that accumulate the most “likes”. Only one prize will be awarded per contestant.
  4. The Top Shares awards are won by the five entries that accumulate the most “shares”. Only one prize will be awarded per contestant.
  5. All prizes are non-exchangeable for cash, returned, resold (transferred) or exchanged for other items for any reason.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify contestants, withdraw prizes or select new winners in the event:

(A) The contestant or winner becomes non-eligible for any reason;

(B) The video submitted by the contestant or winner becomes non-eligible for any reason;

(C) Winners must respond to organizer within 6 working days from receiving notification for identity verification and prize collection processing. After this period, the organizer will disqualify non-responding winners.

(D) Prizes are deemed as unclaimed after 30 days from the announcement published on Life Cafe Sdn Bhd -881538-P official Facebook fan page.

  1. Winners do not have to make any additional purchases or payments.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The organizer reserves the right to verify the qualification and prize eligibility of each participant.
  2. The organizer has the right to cancel, delete and report any content, whether intentional or unintentional, including: obscene, defamatory, vulgar, politically provocative or generally offensive nature, nudity, discrimination or hate speech/image and any other inappropriate materials.
  3. The organizer has the right to cancel any entries using fake Facebook accounts.
  4. The organizer’s decision is final, including the selection of winning videos and the grand-prize winner. The organizer will not entertain any enquiries, complaints or objections regarding the evaluation or final results of this contest.
  5. Photos taken during the prize award for winners may be used for commercial purposes by the organizer.
  6. The organizer has the right to use the content submitted by any contestant for any suitable purpose (including but not limited to advertising purposes) and within the scope permitted by law for this contest.
  7. The organizer allows the collected personal data and content of contestants to be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes, including beyond the scope of participating countries (Malaysia).
  8. All content submitted by the contestants and all copyrights or other rights in the content will belong to and become the property of the organizer and will not be returned.
  9. The organizer is not responsible for any overdue, lost or mistakenly sent mail. In addition, to the extent permitted by law, the organizer is not responsible for any problems or technical problems with any telephone network or line, computer network system, server, supplier, computer equipment, software, any website technical problems or network congestion, or the general situation (including but not limited to the damage or damage to the computer or equipment of the contestants or any other persons related to or caused by participating in this contest).
  10. If the contest cannot be held as planned, including but not limited to the following situations: computer virus infection, computer failure, infringement, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, prohibited by the government, or due to beyond the control of the organizer; the organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, change or suspend the contest in any other circumstances that violates or affects the safety, fairness, integrity or behavior of the contest.
  11. The organizer reserves the right not to discuss with third parties or anyone the decision to modify/delete/cancel the contest regulations/redeem prizes, and may terminate or reschedule the contest at any time without prior notice.
  12. Except for responsibilities that cannot be excluded by law, the organizer shall not be responsible for any losses or damages (including but not limited to indirect or dependent losses), personal damages suffered or continued to be suffered as a result of participating in activities, obtaining or using any prizes.
  13. When participating in this contest, participants are deemed to have agreed and acknowledged that they have read and accepted the conditions and regulations of the organizer.